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About the MCQs category [MCQs] (1)
The cysts in Polycystic Ovarian syndrome are formed by: [Medicine] (1)
Guidelines on how to deal with children during war [Medicine] (1)
A wide spectrum of radiographic findings has been described in candida pneumonia [Radiology] (1)
The role of the mother is to take care of her child [Pediatrics] (1)
"In appropriately selected patients with glenohumeral osteoarthritis [Orthopaedics] (1)
Diabetes is a chronic disease (evolving in time for a long time) [Medicine] (1)
Doctor what causes cramps and huge clots during periods? [Obstetrics & Gynaecology] (1)
Doctor what causes hair loss (alopecia) [SKIN] (1)
10 yrs came complaint of Rt iliac pain [Surgery] (1)
All of the following appear to decrease hot flushes in menopausal women except: [DailyMCQs] (1)
Moisturizing Avocado Mask [Medicine] (1)
Which of the following maneuvers is not used for the management of shoulder dystocia? [DailyMCQs] (1)
Zanca View (AC Joint View) [Radiology] (1)
All of the following enzymes are involved in DNA replication except: [DailyMCQs] (1)
Microsporophylls and megasporophylls appeared first in this group of plants [DailyMCQs] (1)
A moss used as packing material for transshipment of living material is [DailyMCQs] (1)
Pregnant lady comes with rupture of membrane and history shows herpes lesions previously.. what will you do? [DailyMCQs] (1)
Today the 14th November is a very significant date in the diabetes calendar [Medicine] (1)
Mosses reproduce vegetatively by [DailyMCQs] (1)
A 36 year old woman with Rheumatoid arthritis is being started on Rituximab [DailyMCQs] (1)
Which of the following antigens is primarily invoked in this delayed presentation of disease? [DailyMCQs] (1)
Today's topic would be Tricuspid stenosis: [cardiology] (1)
Hich of the following virulence factors mediates tissue injury in this case? [DailyMCQs] (1)
Ultrasound of Gut (Gut recognition) [Radiology] (1)
Decreased motility of Fallopian tube is seen associated with? [DailyMCQs] (1)
Chaga is an incredibly powerful medicinal mushroom that is highly sought after due to its phenomenal levels of antioxidants and healing properties [Medicine] (1)
Whether you’re looking to prevent catching a cold or flu [Medicine] (1)
I have noticed after watching and critiquing some Lap cholecystectomy [Surgery] (1)
Plain X-ray of the Wrist (PA view) Part 4 [Radiology] (1)