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About the MCQs category [MCQs] (1)
A 70-year-old woman is prescribed bumetanide for congestive cardiac failure [MCQs] (1)
What is the most useful marker of prognosis in myeloma? [MCQs] (1)
Which carcinogen had he likely been exposed to? [MCQs] (1)
A 31-year-old woman who is 25-weeks pregnant is brought to the Emergency Department by her husband [MCQs] (1)
On examination, she is pale. The GP orders some baseline blood tests: [MCQs] (1)
How long should she continue with warfarin therapy? [MCQs] (1)
A 68-year-old man became acutely breathless following admission with a 2- week history of nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea [MCQs] (1)
Which parameter is most likely to have contributed to the patient’s high Waterlow score? [MCQs] (1)
What structure is implicated in the pathophysiology of this condition? [MCQs] (1)
What electrolyte abnormality is most likely in this pt? [MCQs] (1)
He last travelled 5 months ago to Italy. Which of the following is the most likely dx? [MCQs] (1)
Examination of the left fundus reveals changes consistent with pre-proliferative diabetic retinopathy. What is the most likely diagnosis? [MCQs] (1)
Which of the following deficiency syndromes can lead to gum hypertrophy? [MCQs] (1)
He had a history of traveling to south east asia recently. What can be the cause? [MCQs] (1)
Which one of the following is not an indication for hyperbaric oxygen therapy? [MCQs] (1)
Which of the following represents the diagnosis for this condition? [MCQs] (1)
Antagonism of which neurotransmitter is most likely to improve her symptoms? [MCQs] (1)
A 3-month history of worsening neck and right arm pain radiating down the inner forearm [MCQs] (1)
What investigation is most likely to establish the liver diagnosis? [MCQs] (1)
Abdominal examination was normal. Rectal examination showed fresh blood on the glove [MCQs] (1)
What is the most likely aetiology of her myocardial infarction? [MCQs] (1)
His past medical history included type 2 diabetes mellitus and hypertension [MCQs] (1)
What is the most useful next investigation in assessing his suitability for surgical resection? [MCQs] (1)
Which investigation is most useful to determine whether the goitre is the cause of her breathlessness? [MCQs] (1)
What finding would indicate that this exacerbation of her asthma should be regarded as life-threatening? [MCQs] (1)
A 20-year-old woman presented 24 hours after taking an overdose of 80 tablets of levothyroxine 100 micrograms [MCQs] (1)
A 46-year-old man presented within 1 hour of ingesting 40 tablets of slowrelease theophylline [MCQs] (1)
What type of analysis should be used to estimate the likely benefits in similar groups of patients in future? [MCQs] (1)
A 32-year-old woman presented with a 2-day history of fever and myalgia and a 6-hour history of headache, photophobia and neck stiffness [MCQs] (1)