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Association fibers are A/E - (1)
Which of the following is a complete sulcus - (1)
Dorello's canal transmits in tip of temporal bone- (1)
Which of the following passes through the foramen magnum - (1)
In rectus sheath which branch of aorta make anastomosis with superior epigastric artery - (1)
The rectus sheath contains all of the following except- (1)
Diaphragmatic hernia can occur through all the following except (1)
The structures passing posterior to diaphragm are all except (1)
Iliofemoral ligament arise from - (1)
The nutrient artery to the femur is? (1)
All of the following muscles are paralyzed in trauma to median nerve at the, wrist except - (1)
All of the following muscles undergo paralysis after injury to C5 and C6 spinal nerves except- (1)
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The body is massive and kidney-shaped when viewed superiorly (1)