MCQs   Forensic medicine

About the Forensic medicine category (2)
Harvard’s criteria and Philadelphia protocol (for diagnosing brain death) (1)
Brain stem death – Minnesota criteria (Best used criteria) (1)
The mental healthcare bill (1)
Treatment of snake bite (1)
It is not reqd to report attempted suicide to police as per law (1)
Identification features of different races from teeth (1)
Nicotine is the oldest insecticide known (1)
Modernized version of Hippocratic oath (1)
Peculiar odour (smell) at autopsy: (1)
Most common form of torture is physical (beating) torture (1)
The following points should be remembered (1)
Appearance of stomach in different poisonings (1)
Test for medical negligence (1)
Features of lead poisoning are the following EXCEPT: (1)
Injury due to lightening can be due to all except (1)
Sexual intercourse Between father and daughter is (1)
Cyanosis in a dead patient may be confused with (1)
Contraction of the paraspinal muscles often causes (1)
Privation of joint is (1)
Death certificate consists of (1)
Magistrate inquest is done in following circumstances (1)
Widmark's formula helps in the measurement of blood level of - (1)
Dirt collar or grease collar is seen in - (1)
All of the following are tests to determine the stoppage of circulation except - (1)
Multiplying factor of estimating from femur (male) is - (1)
Diatoms are seen in (1)
Y chromosome is: (1)
Spalding‘s sign is seen in (1)
Shape of nulliparous cervical canal is : (1)