About the NEET PG MCQs category (1)
Important Drugs Causing Gynaecomastia (1)
Which of the following word is true about the given organism - (1)
In the given diagram QRS complex represents - (1)
Meso-rectal fascia doesn’t contain which of the following (1)
Meso-nephric ducts and tubules give rise to all except (1)
Special visceral efferent carries all the cranial nerve except (1)
Microvilli are seen in all; except (1)
Card test done for (1)
Not a branch of external carotid artery (1)
The bone devoid of muscular attachment : (1)
Ganglion situated in the submucosal and myenteric plexuses of intestine is (1)
Appendices epiploicae are seen in : (1)
Peyer 's patches are present in : (1)
Which part of intestine contains Brunner's glands? (1)
Most common position of vermiform appendix is: (1)
Which of the following normally has a slowly depolarizing "prepotional " (1)
In second-degree heart block the ventricular rate (1)
Which of the following muscles might be ischemic? (1)
Secretomotor fibres to the Parotid gland passes through (1)
All the following muscles of tongue are derived from occipital myotomes except: (1)
Which of the following spaces if the internal vertebral venous plexus was ruptured? (1)
Skin over the angle of mandible is innervated by (1)
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