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In conversion disorder all are found except - (1)
Intense nihilism, somatization and agitation in old age are the hallmark symptoms of - (1)
18 yrs. old hears voices discussing him in third person has: (1)
All are anticraving agent for alcohol except - (1)
Amnesia is found in - (1)
A 70 yr old man presents with h/o prosopagnosia (1)
The halstead reitan battery involves all except- (1)
Nihilistic ideas are seen in - (1)
Which of the following features is not included in psychosis - (1)
Physical dependence is not seen with - (1)
Anxiety and delusion are seen in delirium tremens (1)
Infection (like pneumonia) is one of the cause of delirium (1)
Rug wrapped on a armchair is misinterpreted as bear (1)
Alexithymia :- a virtual inability to recognize or verbalize emotional experiences (1)
Characteristic symptoms of acute manic psychosis in­clude: (1)
Grandious delusions may occur in which of the follow­ing conditions? (1)
Characteristic symptoms of morphine withdrawal include: (1)
Characteristic symptoms of schizophrenia include: (1)
Which of the following conditions are associated with mutism? (1)
Characteristic symptoms of atypical (pathologic) binges include (1)
Types of brain damages that are associated with a vio­lent behavior include: (1)
Atherosclerotic (multi-infarct) dementias are character­ized by: (1)
Symptoms of Korsakoff’s syndrome include: (1)
Which of the following medications are capable of elic­iting mania? (1)
Uncommon side-effects of tricyclic antidepressant therapy include which of the following? (1)
Delusions are best defined as false considerations which: (1)
Histrionic personality disorders? (1)
Antidepressant-type therapy may be of use in which of the following conditions? (1)
The initial therapy of conversion disorder includes: (1)