About the NEET SS category (1)
Which of the following statements is not correct for Ethmoidal polyp- (1)
Regarding antrochonal polyp which one is true - (1)
Treatment for recurrent Atrochoanal polyp - (1)
The most appropriate management for antrochoanal polyp in children is - (1)
Mikulicz and russel bodies are characteristic of - (1)
The etiology of anterior ethmoidal neuralgia (1)
DNS may be associated with - (1)
Features associated with DNS (1)
Choanal atresia is associated with - (1)
Rhinophyma is associated with- (1)
After taking some drug for acute attack of migraine (1)
One of the following is not a 5–HT receptor (1)
All of the following conditions are benefited by antagonism of histamine EXCEPT : (1)
True statement about fexofenadine is : (1)
Ketoconazole should not be given to a patient being treated with astemizole because : (1)
Mr. Surya Kant was prescribed a first generation H1 antihistaminic drug (1)
Which of the following drugs can cause hypotension (1)
Second generation anti–histaminics (1)
Which is not a 2nd generation anti–histaminic agent? (1)
Cellular immunity is induced by- (1)
EAC rosette formation is the property of one of the following type of immune cells? (1)
IgE is secreted by - (1)
Langerhans cells in skin are - (1)
All of these are antigen presenting cells (APC's)except - (1)
Innate immunity active against viral cells - (1)
Glucose exists in humans predominantly as a-D-(d) glucopyranose (1)
All of the following are true regarding oxygenases except (1)
Mitochondrial membrane protein contain transporter (1)
Ionophores have following action except (1)