(1) General Physio ~ Transport processes, body fluid compartments


High-yield topics in physiology -
(1) General Physio ~ Transport processes, body fluid compartments
(2) Nerve Muscle ~ Sarcomere, energetics in muscle
(3) CVS ~ Cardiac cycle, pressure & volume changes during cardiac cycle, cardiac output (factors determining; methods of measurement), blood pressure
(4) RS ~ Lung volumes and capacities, V/Q ratio, oxygen transport and O2-dissociation curve, Respiratory center and effects of lesions
(5) Excretory system ~ Clearance, GFR, tubular functions and countercurrent, micturition and bladder types
(6) GIT ~ Compositions of juices, GI hormones
(7) Endocrines & reproductive ~ pituitary (GH), Thyroid, insulin, Receptors of the hormones
Testostetone & estrogen actions
(8) CNS ~ Neurotransmitters, ascending tracts, cerebellum, hypothalamus, sleep and EEG
(9) Special senses ~ Visual pathway, eye movements
(10) Miscellaneous ~ Cardiorespiratory changes in exercise, effects of ā€˜gā€™, effects high and low barometric pressures