10 things you don't know about the clitoris


10 things you don’t know about the clitoris

  1. The Clitoris: a unique role in your body
    The Clitoris is the only organ of human anatomy to have for the unique function of buying pleasure. Fully Receptive, devoid of any muscle, the clitoris does not play any role in reproduction, menstruation or urination. He’s just here to send you some fun vibes, which is really very relatable from his part.

  2. The Clitoris: a ball of nerves
    7000 to 8000: this is the number of nerve endings that the clitoris concentrates. By Comparison, the pad of your index or that of your companion only includes 3000. These different little balls of nerves are also very well among them…

  3. Its size doesn’t count
    Located at the upper junction of the small lips, covered with a hood, the smooth clit becomes hard as a small pearl when the excitement swells it. Patient researchers have measured its size: 1,6 cm on average, although it can vary from simple to double according to women. But having a little shy clit or a big big clit doesn’t change anything to the pleasure he gives to his owner.

  4. the submerged part of the clitoris
    The progress of medical imaging has allowed to discover, in the middle of the 2000 s, that the external part of the clitoris, the one that tends and pointe out of the hood during the excitement, is extended in a much more consistent way internally. Two “Clitoris arms” (this is the anatomical term) is deployed from its base and pass under each of the big lips. The complete network measures 9 CM.

  5. He was only named in the 5. th century
    The word clitoris comes from the Greek former kleitoris, “kind of stone”. but ancient Greeks, although their women would necessarily have, do not miss it. The Clitoris was actually “discovered”, if you can say, that in the th century, by an Italian doctor in the name of realdo Colombo. Despite the proximity of their names, it is less known than Christophe and it is frankly unfair.

  6. the mouse also has one of clit
    100 % of the female mammals of the creation have a clitoris. The cows, mice and Lola, your grandmother’s dog, all have one. The Whale is less inordinate than we could imagine: 8 CM ONLY (External). Not easy to find in the middle of a vulva of… 1,40 M! As much as neither sir nor mrs whale have any hand.

  7. The Clit is not a little penis
    Some men, and even some sexologists, compare the clitoris to a miniature penis. In fact, like the verge of males, the clitoris is from the genital tuber that develops all human embryos and is implanted on the same bone formations. Nevertheless, the qualifier of “miniature penis” comes back to consider the woman as an unfinished man, a being to whom a sex is missing, as Freud wrote. A Clit is therefore not a miniature penis: it’s the penis that is an oversized clit!

  8. We can drill it
    Like ears, navel and language, the clitoris can be pierced, either directly or its hood, either both together. You just have to know that it’s very, very, very bad and that there are important risks of infection.

  9. He is badly placed for a good reason
    Why is the clitoris not located at the entrance of the vagina (and is it sometimes all alone in its corner during love)? Because we walk on two legs! In Women, during the evolution, “because of the vertical straightening of the basin, the clitoris has become an anterior, visible organ, accessible in front”, writes Dr. Gérard Zwang in his eloge of the con, defense and illustration of the Female Sex (the musardine, 10,52 €). In Quadrupeds mammals, the clitoris, “closer to the vaginal orifice, automatically benefits from friction by the introduced male organ, which weighs on him during mating”. The cow, the mouse and Lola, your grandmother’s dog, are lucky to have it…

  10. All women are clitoridiennes
    According to the survey on sexuality, two out of five people (40,2 %) prefer “mutual caresses” (and therefore the stimulation clitoral by a male hand) to any other sexual practice. Add 14,2 % that swear only by the. These 54 % of women are undoubtedly pure and hard clitoridiennes, that is, which can only enjoy by stimulation of direct or indirect clitoris (by the man’s basin in missionary, for example). But all the women say vaginal are no less, they too, capable of reaching orgasm by the only stimulation of the clitoris. One never prevents the other…