10 ways to keep the lungs healthy

10 ways to keep the lungs healthy

We breathe more than million times in the year. Every breath gives us oxygen that keeps the cells in our body. What is harmful for the lungs, to know what they are doing. Can also be yours who are beneficial for our lungs.

1 quit smoking.

Stop smoking to protect your feet. The biggest reason for lung cancer is smoking. Smokers are more dangerous than cancer.

2 stay away from smokers too

If you don’t drink cigarettes, then avoid the environment where smoking is done. Cigarette smoke also affects the people who don’t smoke, just like those who smoke cigarettes. There are such chemicals in smoke that comes out of cigarette. Those who bus go in clothes, hair, carpet and drwdy̰wạr. So especially children should keep away from these places.

3 avoid air pollution

It is impossible to avoid pollution from the home. But still be careful as much as you can. at more traffic places or if you work in a factory where the work has the emission of dust and poisonous gases, wear a mask on the face. And Let’s beat the hands with the dogs. Other than that glass fiber can also go to the lungs and create wounds. That’s why the mask should be used.

4 breathe deep.

Oxygen goes into all the body through the breath. As deeply as you breathe, the oxygen will enter your body that will benefit the lungs.

5 bring a change in diet

Research has proven that a diet that contains fruit and fish is the best for the lungs. Especially for those who are patient of autism, leaves with leaves of leaves like cabbage and cauliflower lung cancer. .

6 breathe from the nose

The hair in the nose can clean the air and let it go to the lungs and prevent the subtle harmful lungs from going to the lungs. So it is necessary to breathe from the nose instead of the mouth.

7 keep the nose clean

A nose is made of disease, allergy and other reasons. The nose closure means that you are reaching your lungs with a hundred percent of germs and pollution in the mouth. So it is necessary to keep the nose clean and Take the steps that open the nose. This is how the nose of the nose also affects the performance of the nose, so it is necessary that the nose should be wet. It is the best way to keep the ablution clean five times a day.

8 drink water abundantly

Drinking water in more quantity is very useful for the lungs. Because the internal surface of the lungs is thin due to drinking water in abundant quantity which improves the performance of the lungs.

9 plant plants

  • apply more and more plants out of the house so that the carbon dioxide in the house turns into oxygen. Apply Electric devices to clean the air, with which the smoke in the house can go out of the dust.

10 laugh well

Even laughter does not have a large amount of oxygen in the body. The overall health of the body is correct due to laughter and kush. So make happy to make good friends and laugh at the eve of laughter.