5 signs that show that a woman just made love


5 signs that show that a woman just made love

1-you are more attracted to her than usual
A woman who had a sex report released in normal time pheromones. These sexual hormones have the effect of stimulating men. In other words, when you are close to her, you suddenly feel more attracted to her, because her pheromones “Bewitch” you.

2-she is beautiful
You already find her beautiful, but there you find her just beautiful (and yet, she hasn’t changed anything to her clothing or makeup)! Maybe she had fun under the sheets less than an hour ago. In fact, making love increases blood flow. It has the effect of making its complexion more rosé than usual, which is a sign of beauty.

3-she’s in a good mood
She’s stupid all week and she’s suddenly in a good mood? Maybe she just made love. According to a study from the university of Colorado, the more people make love and the more they are in a good mood.

4-she seems rested
This sign is harder to notice if you don’t know the girl very much. In fact, women who have orgasm have 30 % more chances than their body releases prolactin, a hormone that allows you to spend the best nights of sleep.

5-she doesn’t want to “Stick”
This sign is for people as a couple. In fact, when a woman makes love, her body releases oxytocin, a hormone that promotes the reconciliations between partners. Gold, if she just did it with another one, she may feel suddenly less affectionate.