5 things to know about the kiss


5 things to know about the kiss

The sexual kiss is an erotic kiss that consists of a shared and varied exploration of the lips, tongue and mouth as a whole.

1-the kiss is good for the line
A big kiss does the calories hunt. By Kissing, we lose 2 TO 3 calories per minute, according to different studies. A languid kiss of a minute would even make us spend as much calories as running a 500 m, bid alain gaudey in his book “1001 little things you didn’t know about sexuality”. at this rate, we eliminate The equivalent of a chocolate bar at the end of the day. A good reason to get on a “kisses” Diet.

2-the kiss makes us more in love
The ocytocynes that we release during a kiss bring us closer to the partner we kiss. This hormone “from the social link” not only reduces stress but above all creates an attachment. Proof that for a lasting love, we must not neglect the mouth of our companion!

Kissing on the mouth would also be a way to know if we are genetic compatible with your partner, according to researchers. What if a first kiss could change everything?

3-the kiss fight against stress
The kiss is a simple and pleasant way to relax. Several studies have shown the impact of kiss on oxytocin release, a hormone that lower blood pressure and slows down the heart rate. A Becot would also play on the secretions of endorphin, the hormone of well-being. In stress situations at work, all we have to do is cover with kisses our colleague. Unstoppable to relax the atmosphere…

4-the kiss younger the face
Better than the face lift, the kiss! Researchers have found that a session of snog allows to build his mouth and keep his cheeks firm. When you kiss someone you activate 12 muscles of the lips and 19 of the tongue. What to become a ‘Kiss-addict’.

5-a long kiss is more effective than a gum to normalize the ph of the mouth…

Mary Danielle August