64-year-old man with a long history of uncontrolled hypertension


64-year-old man with a long history of uncontrolled hypertension comes to the emergency department with chest pain for the last 12

hours He has never been hospitalized before. Electrocardiogram shows nOfmal sinus rhythm with ST-segment elevation in the

anterior leads Coronary angiography shows complete occlusion of the proximal left antenor descending artery and no significant

disease in the other coronary artenes No intervention is performed and the patient ,s started on appropnate medical therapy The

next day he reports left leg pain On examination, the left leg is cold with a mottled appearance There Is minimal swelling with

absence of distal pulses Vascular surgery is consulted. 'Much of the following should also be considered In this patient?

  • QA Chest x-ray
  • QB D-dimer levels
  • Q C Echocardiogram
  • Q D Venous Doppler study
  • Q E Ventilation-perfusion scan

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27-year-old white female comes to the office and complains of a headache for the last two weeks. She characterizes the headache as

intermittent, ''feels like a dull ache", 5/10 in severity, and associated with nausea and vomiting. She is afebrile and never had such a headache

before. She has no visual complaints. She is a non-smoker and drinks alcohol only on weekends. Her only drugs are oral contraceptive pills

(OCPs). Her menses are regular, and she has never conceived. She has no family history of similar problem. Her pulse is 80/min, temperature is

37.1° C, blood pressure is 120/75mmHg and respirations are 15/min. She is 5 feet 10 inches tall, and her weight is 210 lbs. The neurological

examination is non-focal, and there are no signs of meningeal irritation. Funduscopy reveals papilledema. MRI of the brain is normal. Which of

the following complications is likely to develop if this patient is left untreated?

  • QA Seizures
  • 0 B. Blindness
  • 0 C. lntracranial bleed
  • 0 D. Paralysis
  • 0 E. Urinary inco􀁵nence

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