65 year old labourer fainted at construction site

65 year old labourer fainted at construction site , LOC and poor turgor , high temp what will not seen in this patient ?

  1. Bradycardia

  2. Hypotension

  3. Sweating

  4. Hot red skin

Brady was not in options i reckon

Brady was in cocaine intoxicatn

Tachypnea ws an option I think, not bradycardia

Yes tachycardia was there

Tachypnea was there…not Brady or tachycardia

Bradycardia was not an option as much as I can remember, tachycardia was there for sure.

Bradycardia was given in cocaine overdose case

Asif Afsor tachypnea was there…im sure of it coz I reviewed the options multiple times during exam.

Least seen was sweating… I answered it because… If the patient had sweating she might have not got heat stroke itself as sweating is defence mechanism to get rid of heat in the body

Sweating will be absent