9th Radiology Resident's HOT SEAT Review Course-2019


9th Radiology Resident’s HOT SEAT Review Course-2019.
Dates: 16th, 17th & 18th August 2019.
Venue: Auditorium, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital,
New Delhi, INDIA.

Course schedule, Highlights, Faculty list, Registration form & information brochure attached.

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About the Course: 9th Radiology Resident’s HOT SEAT Review Course is an exam-oriented comprehensive course for Radiology post-graduate students with multi-system, multi-modality course curriculum.

Course highlights include ‘Case-based HOT-SEAT Review Sessions’ and ‘Mock exams - VIVA Sessions on unknown case films’ for real-exam simulation.

Demo sessions will cover ‘Drugs & Devices in IR’, ‘Radiological Contrast Media’, ‘Conventional Radiology procedures including Barium’ and ‘Radiography/Radiation Equipments’. The demo session on Contrast studies will specifically cover techniques and interpretation of BARIUM studies. ‘Short teaching sessions’ and ‘Case-based reviews’ will focus on important exam questions.

SPOTTERS sessions will be done in typical exams format with films displayed on the view-boxes and students will be able to individually attempt the spotters. Additional spotter sessions will be conducted on Power-point Slides as practice sessions. Based on the feedbacks, we have included extensive late-evening spotter sessions to ensure due emphasis on this crucial component of Radiology examinations.

With an objective to maximize the learning opportunities during the course, we have extended course timings from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM on days 1 & 2 and from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM on day 3.

This three-day course is primarily aimed at Radiology post-graduate students who will be appearing for their MD, DNB or DMRD examinations in Radiology. Certificates of Appreciation will be given to the registered students based on their performance during the ‘hot-seat reviews’. Top-scorers awards and Spot-prizes will be given for Spotters. Certificates of Distinction will be awarded to the top three students for the overall outstanding performance during the course. PDF of select course material will also be provided.

Registered delegates for this course are also eligible to apply for the DelRad ‘Travel Grants’ for the Radiology Residents to attend the annual conference of Radiological Society of North America at Chicago or European Congress of Radiology at Vienna. For further details about the DelRad ‘travel grant’, application process and terms/conditions, Kindly visit www.delrad.in

The accommodation options for the out-station students are also mentioned on www.delrad.in

This comprehensive exam-oriented preparatory course is an excellent opportunity for the Radiology post-graduate students to ENHANCE their performance in the forthcoming examinations and also in their future careers as a Clinical Radiologist.

Course Patron: Dr. Veena Chowdhury.
Course Coordinator: Dr. Nitin P. Ghonge.