A few reasons to get a headache

If you ever stand suddenly or walk walking, it’s amazing and this question will come in mind why it’s going to be. The answer is that many reasons can be followed by a common while. Something serious can happen. Here you are telling the potential reasons that often make the cause of your head.

Too much observe

Every human being is concerned, but when this mental restlessness is too much, he also starts to dance with his head, it seems as if the head is moving light, the heart heartbeat increases while the breathing is heavy, If you fail to keep yourself calm, you should refer to the doctor.

Love blood pressure

If you start to head on sitting or standing after lay down, it can possibly be a sign of too much reduction in blood pressure, according to medical experts, when you stand fast after sitting or lay down, the body I can’t reach the head so fast that I feel like a headache, if you often have such a complaint, make a habit of changing the position of the rest while the doctor immediately gets the blood pressure checked.

Lack of water

The minor shortage of water in the body can also cause faint, headache and non-balanced physical condition, which lowers the rotation of blood during the body, lack of water in the body lowers blood pressure faster. The one who makes the cause of this pain.

Mental shock which is affected by head and spine

If your head collided with something recently, it’s a door to the house, the cause of a headache is a mental shock, usually such trauma is moderate, but it’s all in mind. They don’t need any kind of injuries and need to show a specialist, especially if they start to head over after injury, this status can remain for a few hours or a few weeks.

Ear infection

If there is an infection between the ears, then it seems to be collected behind the veil of the ears that damage the physical balance and the complain of the head is very painful.

Lack of vitamin B 1

The deficiency of Vitamin B12 in the body is also another reason to head the head, the essential part of the body helps to keep the central nervous system stable, which causes weakness and the heartbeat of a minor heart. , with time pass it can cause heart problems which make obstruction in blood supply towards brain due to which the head is started to be hit, it needs to be medical inspection.