A meniscus repair booked in for 4 weeks time and just have a couple of questions about recovery!

I have ACL and MCL reconstructions and a meniscus repair booked in for 4 weeks time and just have a couple of questions about recovery 😊

How long were you on crutches for? When did you return to work in physically demanding jobs? Ie, 10 hours walking/lifting per day 😰 and also how long was it before you could drive?

I had those three and was non-weight bearing for 6 weeks. I ended up needing another surgery at 11 weeks to remove scar tissue and bend my knee because I never regained flexion. That’s when things really started to improve! I think it really matters whether or not you will be NWB for a while, that really screwed up my recovery. Also, having all three of those things corrected at once is a BIG surgery, the recovery isn’t as swift as with people who just have ACL done. My surgery was in June and I still limp, haven’t been cleared to run yet, still can’t get down on my knees very easily. I was on crutches for 3 months…

I had MCL,ACL and meniscus recon with harvest from patela and tibia and hamstring. Surgery was about 4 hours. I ditched the crutches at 4 weeks on my own to my PTs disliking, but once I was off she told me not to go back to crutches if I was walking/also the advice of the surgeon that i saw the same day. I started driving 1 week after by putting my operated leg(right) over in the passenger seat while I drove with the left. I also just webt back to work on Thursday last week doing commercial painting with lifting restrictions and no climbing. The sooner you can start walking the easier it will be once you go back to work although those 3 days i worked last week at 8 hours a day left me sore and a little stiff.