A nurse is attempting to resuscitate a neonate

A nurse is attempting to resuscitate a neonate.

After following the Neonatal Resuscitation

Program guidelines, 30 seconds of chest compressions

have been completed. The neonate’s heart rate

remains less than 60 bpm. Epinephrine is given.

What is the expected outcome for a neonate who has

received epinephrine during resuscitation?

■ 1. Increased urine output.

■ 2. A normal heart rate.

■ 3. Pain relief.

■ 4. Sedation.

  1. Epinephrine is given for severe bradycardia

and hypotension. An expected outcome would

be an increased heart rate to a normal range. Epinephrine

decreases renal blood fl ow, so a decrease

in urine output would be expected. Epinephrine

also stimulates alpha- and beta-adrenergic receptors,

which do not offer pain relief or sedation.