A Pakistani IMG scored 260 on her USMLE


Step 1 Experience
Exam Date: 27th Decemeber 2017
Result date: 17th January 2018
Actual score: 260 Alhamdulilah
Total Prep time: 6 months
Major sources: First Aid and Uworld plus Pathoma
My experience is all about sticking to uworld and First Aid. I started systemwise. Sytem from FA
and then its uworld offline and writing extra on FA
Physiology: I used BRS for CVS, RESP and RENAL and then FA and UWORLD
Pathology: Pathoma 1 read, FA and UWORLD
Pharma: FA and Uworld
Anatomy: FA and uworld and shelf notes
Biochemistry: Dr turco lectures for Molecular and Genetics. Rest FA and uworld
Neuro: Dr white lectures and FA and uworld
Biostats: uworld review and FA
Ethics: Conrad fischer and uworld
Psychiatry: FA and uworld
Micro: FA and uworld
Immunology: FA and Uworld
Uworld 2 times. 1st offline. 2nd time online 82%
FA 5 times
Nbmes 1-7, 11 12 13 offline
Uwsa1: 251, 2 months before
Nbme 17: 228, 1.5 months
Free 120: 88% 1 month
Nbme 15: 246 1 month
Nbme 16: 248 20 days
Uwsa2: 264 11 days
Nbme 18: 24 mistakes (offline)
Nbme 19: 15 mistakes (offline)
Last 2 nbmes on same day 4 days before exam.
As you can see none of my nbmes were above 250
Only uwsa1 and uwsa2
Exam was more like uwsa2
80% questions were straight doable
10% hard
10% out of nowhere
Exam day perfomance matters alot. I slept well. No tension or panic during exam. Marked 2 3
questions per block. Took a break after EVERY block. Washroom, eat something, drink something.
Finished the exam with 30 min to spare.
Just stay confident and dont stress out on exam day
Success is indeed by Allah