After reaching the America of Columbus


After reaching the America of Columbus, there was a tobacco in the things that reached the rest of the world from America. It was considered expensive in the th century. The pipe and the cigar were the amateur people, who used to keep it in the middle of the paper. It was in the middle of the century. This is how its cheap use reached Italy, Spain, Brazil, turkey. During the war of Crimea, its habit was spread like a virus in the battle of war. After wars. These soldiers brought this habit to urban town. Asia and then returned to its real place means to America. Wars, especially the war of the world played an important role in the outbreak of this habit.

The cigarette per capita consumption of cigarette in the United States was less than a cigarette per capita. In 1953, it was 3500 cigarette per capita, 1870 cigarettes. In the UK, eleven per, in Scotland. Twenty cigarette per capita daily.


An expert of statistics in the UK alert the state of health that the number of times died in twenty years has increased fifteen times. In February 1947, a conference was called a conference in London. The reasons for the reasons, it was the use of pollution, fog, coal, x, the use of ḵwltạr on the streets, flu, factories, the smoke of the cars. There was no cigarette in them.

Alan tremble was given the work to investigate the reasons.


In The United States, in 1948, wạỷy̰nڈr saw a patient post of lung from the cancer of lung, observation that there is ink on the lungs, like the cigarette of cigarette. They expressed doubt that they are not their relationship. Surgeon Those who were posting this post was answered that " tomorrow you will say that milk is cancer or cancer is cancer

But the wạỷy̰nڈr was allowed to research on their thought and the funding surgeon was found from Graham in general office. Graham themselves used to drink cigarettes but they decided to work on it with the wạỷy̰nڈr.


Wạy̰nڈr published his paper in the British medical journal in September 1948 in September 1948, which was the first paper showing a relationship between cigarette and cancer. by looking at this paper, Alan tremble also made cigarette in these factors. Added to which they were researching. their personal thought was about the streets of the streets. But the relationship with cigarette started soon. The analysis on doctors from 1951 to March 1954 This relationship is absolutely clear.

When the results that opened the eyes of Alan tremble were published, smoking and the romance was on the peak. In the gatherings, hotels, colleges, the markets were growing up in the world. People were growing in the world. Cigarettes in America and Europe The number of men had reached % of the number of men. This number of women was chhattisgarh.


After one, the other study was testify to lip, throat, breath of breathing and lungs of cancer and cigarette. But cigarette was billions of dollar business. Tobacco’s ḵạsẖtḵạr, cigarette companies, seller, it was all powerful group People’s jobs were associated with this. A hundred years were using this. Strongly resistance by these groups in the starting campaign. Similar tactics used. Science, politics and law These three were together and put the bridle of this powerful lobby. It was fought with the dạwٗ patch like the war. The warning of being healthy on the cigarette of cigarette was increased. On January 1, 1971 at 1971 pm The last ad of cigarette was gone in America. The number of cigarette nwsẖwں started after 1974

Old sins have a long shadow. The reduction in the lungs cancer rate started after 1984 and it had fallen 2002 % till 2002


The developing countries are behind in this run. Officially the cigarette discourage started late. This time smoking rate is increasing in countries like Pakistan, India and China. In Pakistan annual and annual in India The reason for million deaths is cigarette. It is increasing every year. The cigarette companies are doing profit business across the world. They have found ways to do their work. This March of cancer from tobacco to the whole speed. Continues.


Sdھạrtạ Mukherjee say,

" I see the stories of destruction in cancer ward, whose relationship is from direct cigarette, it is also difficult to describe. A happy dress working in the advertising institute, who started using cigarette for peace. Her jaw is going to harvest so that tongue cancer could be removed. A domestic lady who had a rampage to spend the time and saw her children have also become cigarette, the breath of the breath of the breath Cancer is the victim of the worst torture of cancer, a religious leader who has been on the prophet due to the cancer of lung and says that this is the only sin that he could not stop.

And the patient who has been the greatest price of their habit, the most of them denied and the strength of kẖwdfry̰by̰ is surprising. My many patient do not abandon the habit even during the treatment of cancer. When they are allowed by ḵy̰my̰wtھrạpy̰. The form is signing, I can smell the smell of tobacco from their clothes. Even after many patient operation, they are asking for cigarette from the nurses in the corridor like a zombie


This business is going on despite the evidence of all the harmful effects of cigarette. The number of cigarette nwsẖwں in the world has started to return back in the world. The campaign is not successful to maintain public attention. The surprising thing is that the sẖạỷbہ of being cancer because of something is also a fear. But a item about which we believe to be cancer mujib, But there is no more powerful and common ḵạrsy̰nwjn, which we know. It is selling normal for few coins in the markets around the world.


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