AIR 300. Do I stand a real chance to be in top 50 in AIIMS?


AIR 300. Do I stand a real chance to be in top 50 in AIIMS?

From 500 to 300? Great… next you will tell, im rank1…

Pls dnt take any risk…nothing is predictable…mid year have very minimum seats …for your rank you can get anythng in AIQ.

How many seat in May aiims compared to nov aiims??

No… U get a chance aiims Bangladesh

Try not taking a chance, ranks are highly fluctuant.

there is a very high chance for that. if u have the spirit and willingness you will surely succeed. :+1: best of luck.

and what logic is dis…dude I know a guy from few years ago who got 2000 smthn rank in AI and in the mid year AIIMS he got 10th rank…

So nothing is impossible…n plus uv got 100 more days to revise…very easy to improve ur rank from 500

You will surely get called for 1st counseling in aiims ,that’s how much is guaranteed from you AIR 300 ,the rest is uncertain,maybe upto neet AIR 4k (atleast) all have equal chance of getting into aiims ,Of course there will be many exceptions , I am talking about the majority.

AIIMS is a different game all together
If you are suited to it probably a 2 digit rank

You stand the same chance as someone who got rank 30,000 … both can get rank 1 if u play smart :fire:

AIIMS is more reliant on concepts than NEET.
If that’s good. You’ll get it.

target aiims. if u have got 300 in 1.5 lakh u can definitelg come within 50 in cmpetition of 25k. no doubt.

Indha naathari fake profile nu kooda theriyaama ivanuku badhil sollitu irukeengale da kiruku :cherry_blossom:

Yes. On Feb 14, top 100 NEET rankers who like to get enrolled for AIIMS PG are required to assemble at the Delhi Aiims Registrar office. Do not forget your documents and ids! Take two copies of your self attested neet score card. On Feb 14, just stand outside the AIIMS registrar office holding your neet score card like a placcard. People will easily spot you and take you to the respective department! Good luck!