Any querry regarding scope of MD Anaesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine

Any querry regarding scope of MD Anaesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine … Feel free to contact… Would be more than happy to help my juniors.

Pallav Pathak

Junior Resident

Dept. Of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

Hello sir what are the future prospects of the branch

How is the overall earning

Pros and cons

great future …easy and early settlement …wide scope for pursuing DM … Good earning…good work life balance …

CCM has few seats and has a lot of competition but if u want to pursue cardiac Anaesthesia neuro Anaesthesia pediatric Anaesthesia transplant anaesthesia or pain management u will get them easily

Do v have any opportunities to wrk in uk? Can v do fellowship / dm over there??

sir is doing dm specialisation will become mandatory in near future like medicine or not.

Also what type of hospital to he preferred in dnb

Corporate or individual private hospitals or any other criteria to he checked

How does emergency medicine defer from critical care superspecialization…please youropinion sir

Aspirant Neet
depends on ur interest …whether u want to pursue DM or not… MD Anaesthesia in itself a complete branch but md medicine these days require super specialization… For DNB Anaesthesia prefer multispecialty hospital and big city’s with wide range of surgeries… Emergency medicine is different from anaesthesia … In emergency medicine u work lifelong in ER … All depends on one’s interest and burning desire to excel in life…

Hiii sir… How is stress level in Anaesthesia sir???

Job satisfaction… earning… Work load… Future scope… Superspecialties available…

Have been allotted MD Anaesthesia in AIR1 sir…

residency is usually hectic… Good job satisfaction … Good earning starting from 1.2-1.5 lakh/month … Work load is there no doubt … Lot of scope in future… Yes DM available in branches like cardiac Anaesthesia neuro Anaesthesia pediatric Anaesthesia transplant anaesthesia critical care medicine and pain medicine … Go for MD Anaesthesia …good wishes

Sir is it easy to get CC fellowship after md … i mean competition is less or more ??.. what if i do mba in hospital management afterward… will it be helpful or it’s just not needed at ol

It’s comparatively easy to get fellowship in cc after md Anaesthesia … competition is less… U can do mba in hospital management as well but after doing MD Anaesthesia it’s not of much importance because anaesthesiologist are the person who knows every corner of the hospital as u deal with all branches and dept… U know the best surgeon and the lill good ones as well…u know all in and out of hospital… U know how things work in hospital… Most of the big multispecialty hospitals in the world are headed by Anaesthesiologist…

after md Anaesthesia u can go for various fellowship in ccm in india and abroad…and all have an added advantage

After md emergency medicne fellow in critical care scope pro and cons and md emergency medicne as branch

During ug days we r not much exposed to this subjct…can u plz guide regarding what to read before joining…

Hi SIR. Can you please tell about MD from Nepal? since you are doing it from Nepal, is it recognised in India? or we have to practice only in nepal? one of my senior did MD Medicine from Nepal, but india didnt recognise and none of hospitals gave him consultant job…so i am very confused. please help. also is it better to do diploma anaesthesia from india for 20 lakh, or spend 1 crore for anaesthesia in nepal? i mean, will we be able to recover money with nepal degree? please help sir

also sir, do we get respect in india after studying MD from Nepal?? I mean, will they treat us like Indian MD or is it like MD>DNB>DA>Nepal MD and all other foreign MD? i want to join medical college later on, will it be valid sir? i am considering nepal MD as i couldnt qualify since 2018 sir, and was thinking of taking diploma after cut off reduce. but after looking at your post, i think nepal will be a good option if we dont qualify and want valid degree in india?