Anyone have any effective home remedies for migraines?


Anyone have any effective home remedies for migraines?
Nsaids/triptans/B blocker prophylaxis don’t seem to work. Any help appreciated.

Analgesic gel like volini,local application and ice cube rubbing locally,helps for me.

Do pranayama or meditation…If u know yoga do migraine specific yoga…And mainly avoid trigger factors…Take care of cold climate…It is also stimulant

Sitting in a completely dark room during attack(photophobia)… helps for me and using sun glasses during Sunny day when out.

Flunarizine will definitely help you. Drink coffee

tab grenil and Elivel usually works out fasst

even though u do yoga medication is necessary for migraine

NSAIDS like tab naproxen will definitely work only when u take during the start of the headache, once when migraine sets in & if u take any tablet it really won’t work so try tab naproxen during start of migraine

Meditation and don’t think about result so much , just study to complete your syllabus as we were doing in school and college
I was diagnosed with migraine 2mnth back bt I didn’t took .Medicine rather changed myself alot for example sleep properly about 7-8 hrs.

Tab valkem od 250 mg (od) try this for first 15 days it will surely work

Get you eye sight checked. It could be due to refractive error. In that case glasses should help

Eating an apple empty stomach in mrng…i know its random but has helped a frnd of mine