Assalamualikum. ALHAMDULILLAH eligible for AMC clinical exam


Assalamualikum. ALHAMDULILLAH eligible for AMC clinical exam. I grateful to Allah, ALHAMDULILLAH I am passed. I grateful to Dr. Shahriar Ahmed Sujoy. I was running behind AMC from 2016. But as I am in Oman I am not get a good guideline. ALHAMDULILLAH in 2018 October I got the Facebook address for one of my Egyptian colleague. Then I started my journey with Dr. shahriar. I never forget his inspiration and guide. He showed me the way of the road. As a very big sister I am recommended every one ist start your journey with Shahriar’s 5 month course. Then you will understand which books needed. How you complete your theory as well as recall. Every thing he will guide you nicely. So you will get confidence for exam. ist 2year I was misguided and then ALHAMDULILLAH, Allah stated my journey with Dr. Shahriar Ahmed Sma . I am happy with him. I passed my MBBS on 1996. So it was very hard work for me. I am basically working as Radiology specialist in Oman. So I am recommended you again start your journey with Dr. shahriar’s 5 month course. Then you will find your way. ALHAMDULILLAH. Pray for me. I am thankful to Allah. Also thankfull to Dr. shahriar and all of my Facebook friends. Nice to found all of you. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks to all.