BCG injection stand for what?


BCG injection stand for what?

Bacillus calmet gurin
Used for tuberculosis

Bacilli calmet Guerine

Bacilli calmate Gurren

Bacillus of ==>Calmet and Guren.

Bacillus calmette Guerin for T B

The question is saying stands for wht nd not prevention of wht plz understand the question

Bacille Calmette Guerin used for tuberculosis

Plz be 4 knowing what u r going 2 et u can failed de testing means that u should understand de qns be 4 answering it

BCG stands for Bacille Calmette Guerin. BCG is a weakened (attenuated) version of a bacteria called Mycobacterium bovis which is closely related to Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the agent responsible for tuberculosis. … Within a decade the BCG vaccine was being given in France and many other countries