BE POSITIVE-stay healthy

Good information

  • 1 * don’t see more news related to the corona, don’t listen to it, you have already known the information you need.

  • 2 * leave the effort to collect more information from anywhere as it will make your mental situation even more weak

  • 3.* Do not advise others to do viruses because the mental ability of all persons is not a c, some depression can be the victim of depression.

  • 4.* Listen to music as much as possible, you can also listen to spirituality, bhajan etc, play board game with children, make program for the years to sit with the family

  • 5.* Wash your hands well at regular intervals, also clean all things, get any new visitor from 1 meters away.

  • 6 * the tendency of your negative thinking will increase depression and reduce the ability to fight the virus. On the other hand, positive thinking will make you stronger and mentally strong and able to fight with any situation or disease.

  • 7.* Very important… believe that this time is going to go soon and you will always be healthy and safe.

  1. The most important is that you should consume ‘transfer factor’ regularly so that you will have an important boost and balance.
  • BE POSITIVE-stay healthy * * JAI HIND *