Best book for jipmer and pgi? Question bank,!

Best book for jipmer and pgi?? Question bank,!

Dr.Arun babu target jipmer is the best one.

sir how many year past, books needed to crack?

2017,18,19 Totally 6 papers…2020 july paper will release after sometime…this is more than enough…first complete this…if u have time means u can buy 2015,16 paper

Nowadays I think it would be better if you step away from books and go towards phone , try prep ladder or marrow . After writing all the three exams this year it is pretty clear that they’re all moving away from their classical papers and coming towards a very clinical/ similar question style. There’s no use doing old questions other than last two or three years for any of the Centrals… All these can easily be found on any of the apps . So go for that rather than hard books.