Best institutes in India with good passing namely

Pros cons of direct neurosurgery after mbbs

Passing rate of Mch neurosurgery directly after mbbs in Nimhans??

I will tell you the problem which dropouts have experienced

  1. Dnb 6 years course will have 2 exams apart from assessment tests which are done regularly by institute,

First exam will be at the end of 2nd year (this will be general surgery paper) but you will be posted in neurosurgery department from day one and there will be no rotations in general surgery department, you can give this general surgery paper till 5 th year, having no idea about general surgery is difficult to pass… And as we all know dnb exams are ruthless and merciless

  1. Secondly dnb final exams are also very difficult, if you fail dnb practicals twice you have to write theory again

  2. Thirdly private hospitals environment is not easily conducive like medical colleges

These are the 3 main reasons drop outs are giving…

Between all this Neurosurgery is obsession for aspirants, it’s amazing, it’s an experience beyond words.

I know ppl with extreme dedication only think of neurosurgery…

Ppl who are joining dnb neurosurgery you can overcome all this with having good communication with working residents

Best institutes in India with good passing namely

  1. Narayana hrudayalaya Bangalore

  2. Gangaram delhi

  3. Sathya Sai Bangalore ( this institute will rotate in general surgery department in first two years)