BT/MB/IAMR - COVID 19 Research Updates

BT/MB/IAMR - COVID 19 Research Updates…

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) till date has accounted to 6.15 lakhs postive cases accounting for 28,239 deaths around the globe. This pandemic has crashed economies and broken health-care systems, filled hospitals and emptied public spaces throughout the world. All the biotechnologists and microbiologists around the globe are grappling to crack down this dreadful virus.

University of Oxford, has given some hope to the world, has announced its vaccine is entering Phase 1 clinical trials in humans. The trial has been approved by UK regulators and ethical reviewers. Researchers are working as quickly as possible to get the vaccine ready to be used in the trial, which includes further preclinical investigations and production of a larger number of doses of the vaccine.