By grace of almighty I ( Smita Gupta ) am eligible for clinical exam


By grace of almighty I ( Smita Gupta ) am eligible for clinical exam .

Firstly I would like to thank my husband, my parents in law and parents for their support and blessings . And most important a hearty thanks to team SMA , Shahriar Ahmed Sujoy , Dr Tonmoy Dhar Dr Mansurul Islam Fuad who left no stone unturned to help us till the last moment.
Also my study partner thanks dear.

Taking 5months AMC coaching class from Dr. Shahriar was the best decision I took for AMC preparation. He not only taught us the subject but he taught the right way to study for this exam . The amount of notes, videos and study materials provided by them were best and really helpful. I heard many people saying it’s difficult to crack this exam in one attempt but frankly speaking Dr shahriar course and all the other teachers made it simpler in many ways.

Some think that they can prepare on their own and it’s possible but for doctors like me who need constant push to keep going, need his course .
I started my preparation in April and joined sirs course. It took me 2-3 classes to understand how to prepare for the exam. And it was dr shahriar whom told me that I am ready to give exam in November though I was not confident. He knows it all… And I always went by his decisions for this exam.

The first and foremost thing is to have a dedicated study partner and group for recall discussion . You should follow shahriars AMC guideline and amedex groups. Post recalls In these groups and always try to answer to recall posted by others with the right reference and it helps you.

Theory is must and keep revising as much as you can. I think 2- 3 revisions is must.

In last 2 months do as much recalls as u can alongside theory. Be very active in amedex group and Shahriar’s AMC guideline group.

Make friends with all who come across your study preparation… Each one would have helped you some or the other way.

Keep in touch with Dr shahriar , Dr Tonmoy , Dr Fuad. They are always there to encourage you whenever you feel low and exhausted.

Follow all their advices like - do not postpone things for last moment ( really this is best advice ) , how to finish exam in time and solve more recalls, etc.

Please share recalls with everyone at the recall sharing platforms . You got recalls because some one shared them… after your exam do not forget to share recalls…

Once again thanks to team SMA , dr Shahriar Ahmed Sma Dr Tonmoy Dhar , Dr Mansurul Fuad sirs and khalid khan !!! It would have been difficult without you all !!

Thanks to dr Palash Debnath Chandra Drveronica Sharma Vinisha Khushal Pavithra Patil Snig Dha Sumit Sehrawat Sharmin Elahi and everyone who helped me and I have forgotten to mention name …