Can anyone help me rank the following IM programs?


Can anyone help me rank the following IM programs? This is the bottom half of my ranklist that I need help with. I think I might want a competitive fellowship, but not entirely certain at this point. I would prefer H1, but would just work with my H4 EAD if I matched into a J1 program.

  1. Presence St Joseph chicago(a decent program in an awesome location)
  2. Marshall university (good program, but don’t like the idea of living in West Virginia)
  3. Atlantic overlook (H1/J1, but 9/12 residents were Caribbean)
  4. Monmouth Medical Center
  5. Carle foundation program (nice program, but not great for competitive fellowship)
  6. Bassett Medical Center
  7. UPMC McKeesport
  8. Rosalind Franklin Mchenry.
  9. St Vincent Worcester (really liked the program, people seemed nice too, decent fellowship match rate)

Will be revealing my credentials and match experience in a long post to help others if and when I match, but would appreciate the input on the ranklist.