Can anyone tell me if the CK-MB is normal? 🥺 i got tested to see if i have muscle wasting

Well there’s no need for fasting while having a creatine kinase test. The MB isozyme is 0.2 ng above the normal limit. Mostly rises in myocardial infarction or in your case Muscular dystrophy. Peak is usually at 24 hrs after it starts accumulating. Yes it can be muscle wasting if the test is being done to confirm provisional diagnosis.
reatine Kinase CK also used as CPK has 3 isozymes MB basically is used primarily as a cardiac marker and also for muslce dystrophy while other MM and BB are used to access conditions of skeletal muscles and brain respectively. Given the CPK levels overall are normal means theres is no muscle necrosis(no inflammation). However other normal physiological conditions in which CPK levels can rise include strenuous exercise (resistance training or cardio). If these conditions apply to you then it’s completely normal.
i haven’t exercised but i noticed muscle twitching after i took a steroid to reduce inflammation! I didn’t have any problems prior… by the way it’s all cause of covid. Do you think this is a cause for concern or i shouldn’t worry too much?
Please don’t go on diagnosing yourself on the internet , one ends up more clouded from where they started. Given your prior use of steroids to reduce inflammation its completely normal. Mostly cortisol is used to do that and it has gluconeogenic effects also so don’t worry your completely fine.