Central retinal artery occlusion


Central retinal artery occlusion>>> pale retina and Chery red spot .

Branch retinal artery occlusion>>> partial ( like quadrant) pale retina …eg like Lyme and sarcoidosis .

Optic neuritis >>> pale optic disc …decreases visual acuity ,but colour usually preserved .

Optic neuropathy ( arteritic or non arteritic ) >>> decreased acuity , colour , and visual field problem .

Arteritic due to temporal arteritis .but non arteritic like in DM and HTN .

Flashes and floaters = vitreous detachment.

Curtain or veil over field of vision or straight lines became curved = retinal detachment.

Dark spots or floater = vitreous hemorrhage.

AF >> central retinal artery occlusion .

Glucoma >>> CRVO .

Hemorrhagic fundus and obscured vessels = CRVO .