China banned the sale of paracetamol

1.China banned the sale of paracetamol.
2. A person coming to the medical shop for paracetamol were identified , their unique healthcare i.d were identified and contact tracing was then done.
3. China stopped all its transport to neighbouring cities but international travels were operational.
4. It was Complete lockdown meaning people were not allowed to come out of their homes also.
5. Groceries , Milk everything were delivered at doorstep
6. China Traced , Isolated , Treated all their COVID19 suspects ranging from mild , moderate , severe… Kept everyone who had the virus ,even mild symptoms in isolation centres.
7. They made isolation hospitals ,equipped every health personnel with PPE.
8. The reason why cities like Shanghai , Beijing didn’t had any one case is what is so so skeptical !!! How did the Chinese were able to stop the virus in just two cities , Wuhan and Hubaei.
9. Sale of over the counter medicines was completely banned .

The only way to stop the virus is Test-trace-isolate - treat
Rapid testing is the key to success .

In India 85% of inFECted who will get mild to moderate symptoms will self heal at home and not come to hospital because 1.) Dilemma whether it is flu/allergy/cold/corona 2.) Fear that they will be kept in isolation in hospital for 14 days 3) fear that they will acquire more infections in the hospital… they will get medicines like pcm and lvct and azithral easily from any medical shop.
Severe symptoms will reach the hospital.
Tracing is very difficult for a country like India where testing done is so less.
Lockdown is the only key to success but it should be strict. Cities recognised as epicentres of SARS COV2 should be in a curfew lockdown state.
Lockdown for a long period is the only way India will fight this infection.

Two categories of people will be the most vulnerable

  1. Elderly with co morbidities
  2. Health Care Professionals

Elderly because they have less immunity , Health Care because they will be exposed to the most quantities of virus.

Study says the more viruses gets transmitted to the body the more it is virulent. The more it will endanger the host .

Cough hygiene is the only way to prevent spread of infection in masses. No amount of hand sanitizers can prevent spread of infection if people are just coughing incessantly without protection. People need to realise that if you have cough , fever … The best thing is to self isolate… self isolate from family also.

Mass Education can definitely help . Educate the masses in order to tackle this virus otherwise the end is near.