Chronic renal insufficiency and what antihypertensive of choice?

The exact question I remember , it was like 65 year old patient hypertensive and having difficulty in urination and chronic renal insufficiency and what antihypertensive of choice ?

  1. Aliskiren

  2. Prazosin

Why not be this is a case of BPH ?? We can use prazosin ?

Other options were chlorthalidone and amlodipine…

I gave Prazocin probably 🤦🏻

Seeing the same points of difficult urinatio

He had severe pedal edema.

Other options were



Most of them are telling Aliskerin in Chronic Renal insufficiency where is renin to get inhibited ??

And also difficulty in urination clears he may have obstructive symptoms (prostatomegaly) isn’t it Prazosin ?

I too wrote aliskiren…I guess for kidney function it was asked …not sure but

I think it was also given in the question, Patient is a know case of copd

The patient was kco of COPD , so might not give Prazosin idk ? Renal insufficiency rules out chlorthalidone ? Cause I remember this Inicet question that Metazolone is given in chronic renal insufficiency? Baaki idk

As i got it, there was decreased urine output mentioned.

Difficulty urination was not mentioned.

So what was there - Decreased urine output or difficulty urination?

Both are different