City govt in mumbai is asking 2nd/3rd yr students to be d part of covid pandemic

City govt in mumbai is asking 2nd/3rd yr students to be d part of covid pandemic…My question is…Where r d bridge course ppl? Last yr in 1000s such ppl approached for dis stupid course.

They are all seeing non covid cases in our hospitals and earning millions, along with that giving wrong treatment and killing people .We the original doctors seeing COVID cases and doing service to people and dying…

Don’t mock them please… They are our Business Partners… They are busy with making people worse by guiding them wrong and sending more cases to Evidence Based Medicine to our ICU in Later stages of disease with complications…!!!

covid bridge course is coming soon…dont think they arnt thinking about it ,they will take all steps to undervalue mbbsians. they will also say tomorrow covid bridge course have saved hundreds !! i hate bridge courses entering our clinical atmosphere,its best mbbs students are given that chance and this will be a great exposure to teach and learn in disaster management , well about ppe - its same for both juniors and seniors. just dont want that bridge course to enter in any scenario into hospitals.

Fayas Rasheed i agree to that… atleast it will improve man power of the same medical fraternity ,well anyone learns with practice ,even a non medico learns under a good mentor(eg- wardboys,janitors,illiterates under gp docs in clinics/ also this asha are permitted to give meds !! ??) so its ok to add fmg’s to workforce in medical community,let them give licensure ,even practical exams after this,but now mbbs in or out must be united…enough this crap bridge course,they always see a crack to enter into hospitals ,must not let it. stay put tight ALL MBBSIANS !!