Complete doctor PLAB1 series (Ophthalmology)


Complete doctor PLAB1 series (Ophthalmology).

You have just started a night shift in A&E. Your first patient is a 54 year old presents who presents with right sided painful unilateral red eye. On examination, his visual acuity is on the right eye is 6/12, left eye is 6/9.He is on methotrexate for rheumatoid arthritis.About this condition

a. Give him chloramphenicol drops, and ask him to see his GP for follow up
b. It is caused by human herpes virus 8
c. Untreated, it can cause corneal scarring and visual impairment
d. There is no role for prophylaxis with acyclovir.
e. Topical antivirals are mainstay in management.