Concept of Social distancing/Lockdown is easy way

Concept of Social distancing/Lockdown is easy way.

Viruses are intermediate between living and non living objects. They require a host cell(living body) for its multiplication and survival, they just cannot simply survive outside host cell for long time. Once they infect a host they multiply in it and get transmitted in different ways into another host and the cycle continues until the one of the two outcome occurs. The first one is the host STRONG immune system which recognise the virus and produce antibody to eliminate it usually around 5-10 days. The second one is the host WEAKENED immune system due to many factors such as Old age, Diabetes, Hypertension, Steroid use, malignant condition and use of anticancer drugs etc.This weakened immunity cannot produce Antibody to counter act the Virus and as result it leads to death of the Host, but what is interesting to know is that the virus is still able to transmit itself during the moribund stage of the Host. This virus wants only to transmit and reproduce like all other living creatures in this world and has absolutely no preference for its host co morbidity.

By Social Distancing we are stopping it’s transmission and the already infected will land up in either of the two outcome mentioned above, in this way this virus will die out in the population if it is not able to transmit.

But everything is evolving around us and so this virus. It will try it’s best to survive and continue the chain. And in doing so it may lead to variable mode of transmission, chronic carrier, Infective during incubation period,Constant mutation which will lead to ineffective vaccine research.