Congrats to them who are eligible for the clinical exam and congrats


Congrats to them who are eligible for the clinical exam and congrats to them as well who are not eligible because from my point of view everyone has the capability to be passed who sit on the exam as we all sit after a satisfying preparation. For this exam I would say , after a good preparation the next thing comes is luck. Although I have cleared it on first attempt but sometimes it may take more attempts and it does not really matter.

Well, I think preparing for AMC is an intense journey. It needs a lot of patience and hard work to get a satisfying preparation. Although you’ll never feel you are compatible, trust me😀. So, dont think too much and when you’ll feel you are ready just go ahead.

First, A good study plan and then following a daily routine is very important. Daily six hours study for six months is enough to get a good preparation but last one month is vital. Unfortunately, I did not have that time. I got hardly four months for studying well.

About books, I would say, Handbook is mandatory to get an overall idea and knowledge of the exam and it builds a basic theoritical concept as well. If anyone can read the book for several times it would be the best. Master of the board of Kaplan series were very helpful as well. Murtagh was too vast for me but yes, I read important topics from Murtagh. Unfortunately, I could not remember any word before the exam😀. I am really grateful to Shahriar Ahmed Sujoy sir and Tonmoy Dhar sir. They helped till end of the exam. They are really very good mentors. I was very lucky to have them in this journey. I used to follow various websites like racgp, rch, medscape, medbullet etc. These websites are really helpful for building good concept. For my preparation, Amadex question bank was a game changing thing. I think if anyone can read the whole amadex question bank for several times then more than 60% preparation will be covered up for that person. Psychiatry is a vital and most challenging part of this exam. People struggle a lot for psychiatry but trust me, after finishing psychiatry from amadex question bank I felt among all systems I am the best at psychiatry. Mashaba’s files are very helpful too.

Now, my next point is about recalls. I would suggest please don’t spend too much time on recalls. I got a very few recalls in my full exam. Only theory can save you at this situation. I tried focusing on concept based study in stead of solving recalls.

Making folders in your PC for individual system, specially for radiology is very helpful. It will help during your last days revision. I took important notes in a notebook for each system. That was very helpful too.

Study partner is really important for a well preparation. I was fortunate enough to get very helpful study partners. I am really grateful to them.

Now, the most important thing is exam day performance. Time management is vital. Please make sure your stomach is full enough before sitting on the desk. Three hours and thirty minutes is really long time. After three hours I was feeling my brain is tired and I just starred at the computer screen. So, proper glucose supply to your brain is important.

Now, I would like to thanks to my parents, my husband and my brother for their continuous mental support. A big thanks and lots of love for my reading partners. I would also like to thanks to my amadex mates. You guys helped me a lot. Sharing is number one principle to be succeed and you guys did like this.

So, This is my overall idea for this journey and I have tried to share within short limit of words. Please feel free to ask anything reagrding study and exam. I would be happy to assist. Wishing you all the best. Thank you