Covid -19 why cases are increasing?

Covid -19 why cases are increasing ?

Lot of doctors and professional are asking this question . The most foolish answer is that testing has increased . Let us go to basic facts of epidemiology . Any disease which has incubatory carrier is most difficult/ impossible to control in the absence of public cooperation . Second any disease having asymptomatic cases has the similar fate . Unfortunately covid has both the characteristics.So what are the options . Only two. Either go for absolute lockdown / martial law / curfew for 28days which is impossible in any democratic country . Second every person must consider oneself to be covid positive , wear mask , maintain physical distance and do repeated hand washing thus prevent others from getting infected . Second option is difficult but not impossible . Only thing required is people’s and political will . Strong BCC IS ESSENTIAL #healthcaredelivery #covidー19 #selfcare #law#healtheducation # BCC