COVID has divided India into 3 segments

COVID has divided India into 3 segments:

  1. sits at home safely…often in their home towns … works online & gets paid salary that add to savings and investments. This segment keeps Indian stock market booming and creates a false sense of “everything is fine”. This segment watches coronavirus meters before going to sleep and feels how they are more or less beyond its reach now.

2)sits at home idly having lost job/business & worries about dwindling savings as it eats into it. This is the segment which is protesting about school fee and hospitals asking for 4-5 lac deposit even before they touch covid patients etc. This segment checks arogya setu everyday and watches how many covid cases are in their vicinity and shivers that how they will manage the expenses of it, if they get it.

  1. this is the silent majority whose cries and sobs are quelled under the cacophony of bollywood-political drama in real life. This segment goes out & faces a deadly virus everyday to earn daily bread. They don’t have smart phones to install arogyasetus and they don’t have time to follow covid cases. If covid happens, they know they can only rely on prayers. For them, poverty is a more lethal virus than covid is.

Nobody sees this divide ripping our society.