Dangerous psychological effect of krona on human thinking and wisdom

Dangerous psychological effect of krona on human thinking and wisdom
Khabib Ahmed Siddiqui
Medical student
Bahria Medical University Karachi

In the situation where krona has taken millions of people around the world, there is no one in the world free from his grip on his nerves.
Indeed, krona is a deadly plague, but its effects on society and human thinking and wisdom are serious. The plague of krona virus is present between us in two shapes. While its psychological situation spread in qrnṭy̰nạ, ậỷswly̰sẖn And absolutely considerate of other obstacles.
The situation has come on that the victim of krona is not ready to go to the patient hospital or qrnṭy̰n ہ, nor are they cooperating with staff in the diagnosis factors. and this is how common flu patient of the victim of the victim of krona. Are.
Other sides, if a person is found only being snatched, then it is sealed by the society. If the real patient of krona is based in any place, then the ạ ہ lkẖạn ہ lkẖạn ہ lkẖạn ہ lkẖạn ہ also avoid reporting this case. Doing it.
The complete lock down is implemented in the country and social media is the only source of spending time. The speaking of krona on social media is above. From precautions to the treatment of krona, day and night is shared on social media. Without Spreading awareness is one of the first safety steps but to accept it is urgently needed to be mentally prepared. Continuous awareness also takes a man towards mental tnạỷw and instead of caution. And it is the reason to spread degradation as it happened in current situation.
Every class in the society is taking part in the campaign and does not get to see anything other than the krona virus on social media. This effort of every special and common is appreciated but the example is absolutely like that in the battlefield. The whole army of a state should be taken off and no one is available to provide weapons on the back.
To overcome this serious situation, killing plague and especially fear, a class will have to remove the attention of the public right now.
Because to you
Don’t be afraid of krona.
Don’t want to fight with krona.
Only to the doctor and the patient.
Be afraid, let’s fight.