Diatoms are seen in


Diatoms are seen in



DIATOMS - is unicellular algae**, have silicaceous cell wall (Best site of sample - Bone marrow in femur**)

• **Since diatoms resist putrefaction, diatom test may have some value in examination of decomposed bodies

• The test is negative in dead bodies thrown in water and in dry drowning (Tissues from brain, liver and BM)

*Gettler’s Test used in Drowning to estimate the chloride content of blood from both sides of the heart Diagnostic features of drowning - is fine white latheary tenacious froth or foam rarely tinged with blood (other causes are - chest - compression, opium poisoning, slow asphyxia. Putrefaction).

i. Cutis - anserine** - goose - skin or goose flesh - the granular and puckered appearance of the skin and “pataufs hemorrhage”**

ii. Washer - woman *s hand - the slan of the hands or feat shows bleached, corrugated and sodden appearance

• Commonest type of Drowning is - Suicidal**