Disadvantages of orthopedics as a branch?


Disadvantages of orthopedics as a branch??? Please people do help me with this!!! Thanks in advance!!! :blush:

Boss i think that is with every branch except for radiology!!! Any additional knowldege dat u can put to me??

You have to pay a lot of income tax

.sounds funny…i guess radiology people wud be paying more

Lots of competition with d Ortho and dnb since it is an end branch.
Fellowship is a must.
Metro cities very difficult to practice.
But everything said and done any branch one has to be the best .
Take it up only if u are very passionate about it - said by my sr

i think almost every branch is getting saturated… Ya i agree with fellowship point!

Is this fellowship available evn after we do dnb

Cons of radiodiagnosis as a branch?

the fact that there is not much patient contact in the true sense

Ready to compromise with it… Anything else u wud say??.. Thanks for. Enlightenment!

There are pros and cons of everything. And honestly speaking saturation is for losers🤟 if you’re passionate you’ll be happy with whatever you get and if you’re not then you’ll be sad even with a billion.

Evergreen branch every nw & here u may see so many trauma centres are opening

may be bcoz its a high earning branch… With cool life… …No voilence… No emergencies…

Just imagine your life in future, You will be infront of a computer/screen for whole life and you won’t get any direct patient satisfaction too. You are asking it everywhere… Instead of asking others, you just close your eyes and imagine you as a radiologist.You will definitely​ get your answer.Everyone will have their on views and it will confuse you more…