Disease of leaf, treatment is necessary on time

Disease of leaf, treatment is necessary on time

The address is a pear-shaped round-bag organ of the human body that is found on the lower level of the right part of the liver. The bag is four inches long and one-inch wide. The address has various diseases that have a leaf stone. Included as well.

Symptoms of leaf disease

Symptoms of address diseases are sometimes not clearly visible and can increase problems if you don’t get timely attention. Here are some basic symptoms of address diseases:

۔ * Severe pain on the right side under the ribs is a sign of leaf disease. It can sometimes be light and sometimes severe shape.

۔ * Nausea and vomiting can also be a sign of address disease. In address disease, the digestive system does not work properly, causing something to feel nausea after eating.

۔ * fever and blood pressure low indicates leaf disorder. Fever can also be a sign of leaf infection.

۔ * If you complain about feeling needy every little while, it can also be a sign of address disease.

۔ * jaundice reveals cloth and disease.

ہwtạہ * Sometimes some patients fall down due to stone, it causes severe stomach pain.

۔ * Women and elderly people have more risk of address problems.

Other symptoms of this include inflammation, gastric problem, abdominal flower after eating, constipation, head shaking, blood deficiency, acne and boil traps.


  • One of the big use of this disease is more use of carbohydrates, especially sugar etc. More slippery foods can also cause address pain.

ہy̰ں * Fat people who have high cholesterol level in their blood, it makes stones in the leaves.

  • If inflammation in the address lasts longer, it can cause stone.

  • Diabetes can also be the cause of leaf disease especially becoming stone.

  • Those who lose weight quickly by dieting too much, their liver starts producing cholesterol which can cause address problems. Hungry affects the performance of the leaf.

Be careful and be careful

If the leaf stone gets bigger, the intestine can shut the mouth. It is less, but if it happens, it can prove to be life-deadly. If the leaf bursts and is not detected, a large scale dangerous infection can spread in the stomach. Its dangers 65 People over the age of the year are more. Cancer is rarely seen in the address. However, if not taken care of, leaf disease can also cause cancer:

  • A patient’s diet should be very careful in address stone. Usually fat people who have high cholesterol level in their blood make stones in their leaves. So eat less fat and cholesterol foods like egg, butter, meat etc. Weight loss and fat loss reduces the possibility of repeated pain.

  • Oil is useful in olive leaf stone.

  • Drinking 1000 ml of fresh juice of beet, cucumber and carrot clears the address. Use twice a day.

  • The use of molly in the form of stone is very useful and effective.

  • Apart from this, pearl is useful in all diseases of address.

  • Sky the upper abdomen for the pain caused by leaf stone.