Do ′′ whitening treatment ′′ for free at home

Do ′′ whitening treatment ′′ for free at home

Make your teeth shine like pearls

If you go to a dentist to brighten your dentist, it definitely costs thousands. In 2015, people in the US spent $ 11 billion to brush their teeth. These statistics show that the dentist can’t. People are willing to spend so much money to shine. Teeth are reflective of a man’s personality, if teeth are shining like pearls, man’s confidence increases which is also visible from his personality. Dentists believe If someone’s teeth color is bad, they should take ′′ whitening treatment ′′ within 6 months. After spending 6 months in lockdown and increasing inflation, it is evident. This is an effort to make it happen and not even expense. Such people are being taught how to do home whitening treatment. They can make their teeth shine like pearls by trying these different methods.

Baking soda:

Baking soda is considered the best for home whitening treatment. It has the magical power to clean teeth. It is definitely included in all toothpaste and dental products. Also, baking soda maintains adequate amount of Alkaline in the mouth. Keeps, which doesn’t cause germs to grow in the mouth and also stops the yellow layer on the teeth. It’s no longer that once used it will end the dentist, for a week if If it is used regularly, the results come as a whitening treatment.

Acetooth paste containing baking soda plays a key role in erasing yellow stains on the teeth, according to a research that doesn’t include baking soda, it has the ability to erase yellow stains. Doesn’t exist. So baking soda is considered great for removing palette from teeth and removing stains.

Method of use:

Add teaspoon of baking soda and make paste. Meet it with the help of brushing on the teeth. Clean all the teeth in one minute and bud. Remember for longer if baking soda is faster to the teeth. If you go, it can bleed from the drum, so don’t harm the gums while whitening your teeth soon.


Turmeric also has some factors, which play an important role in whitening teeth. So turmeric can also be used to brighten teeth at home.

Method of use:

Add a teaspoon of turmeric and make it like paste, apply this paste on the brush and try to brush your teeth with it. Brush for 2 minutes and clean your teeth well.

Lemon juice and baking soda:

Mixing baking soda and lemons can also make your teeth bright. Because they both play an important role in eliminating the bottom of the jimmy pelahat and removing the stains.

Method of use:

Take a little baking soda in a plate and sprinkle lemon juice on it. Clean your teeth with this paste. Lemon contains certain amounts of citric acid, considered natural stain remover, in it Stains have a natural ability to eliminate spots. If used for a few days, it brightens the teeth like pearls.

Apple vinegar:

Often homes have apple vinegar, also known as apple cider vinegar. It eliminates the yellow basement made on the teeth, as well as the ability to eliminate the yellow basement bacteria on the teeth. ۔

Method of use:

Put the toothbrush in the apple vinegar and apply it on the teeth. Apply it on the teeth for 2 minutes and then bud.

Salt and baking soda:

If salt and baking soda is used together, then you can see even better results.

Method of use:

Add half a teaspoon of baking soda in half a teaspoon salt and then add some water in it and make a paste. Rub this paste on your teeth for two minutes with the help of brush and then bud.

What to do?

There has been a tradition of cleaning teeth through oil in the subcontinent. Because it also keeps the teeth clean and it is also considered to help eliminate dental damaging germs. Skull is considered important for oil to brush teeth. Apply it daily with the help of dentist and keep it for 15 to 20 minutes. Teeth will shine.

Miswak is Sunnah where it is considered best to keep your teeth clean.

Dandasa is used to brighten your teeth in rural areas, using it also makes your teeth shine.

Activated charcoal is easily available in the market, if it is applied on teeth with the help of brush, your teeth will shine in a few days.

Add water to lemon juice. Then dip the brush in it and clean the teeth with it. This is the easiest mouthwash, which can be easily prepared at home and also brighten your teeth.

Clean your teeth with floss so that you don’t stay in between food perks.

To improve anmel, make calcum things a part of the diet. Use cheese, milk, yogurt etc.

Must brush twice a day.

Make calcium things a part of diet to improve animal. Use cheese, milk, yogurt etc.

What not to do?

Try to reduce the use of diabetic items, especially sweet soda drinks. It causes many problems in the teeth.

Avoid tobacco containing items, smoking and smoking glass. Because all these things cause a bad tooth color.

Dental whitening treatment is taken with the help of doctors, then the upper bottom of the teeth called Animal, goes down and the teeth feel cold and hot. So it is better to follow the methods of above and keep your teeth in your teeth. Make the house shine like pearls.