Doctors By Erich Segal, I highly recommend this book


Doctors By Erich Segal, I highly recommend this book.
The first time I read this book, I was in medical school. It is beautifully written. On the back cover of this book, the review proudly reads “vivid life of men and women who seek to heal but who must first walk through fire.” This line stuck in my head, and as person who is about a month away from the “rest of his life”, I look back and I see the utter chaos that lies around me.

Strained personal relationships, self doubt, apprehension, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Scratch the surface a little further and you see the mayhem. We have lost lives in the process, we have cried in the shower overwhelmed the sheer uncertainly of what lies ahead of us, we have shunned away family and friends because an exam is around the corner, we have figuratively lost our feet and yet, continued to crawl.

The motivation for each one of us is probably different. Money, fame, maybe even the loss of someone close. But all of these stem from an inherent calling, that makes us endure and persist despite failures and setbacks.

This one is for all the doctors. The ones who have already been through this journey, guide us. The ones who are on this journey, persist. The ones who are going to take this journey, prepare well.
Seek and you shall find.