Does anyone recommend Plabable Gems along with Plabable?

It is a personal decision. Plabable contains lots of information. If you just go through the questions it won’t cover those fine information. You have to study notes given below. If you study that then plabable is more than enough. But if you find it difficult to remember the facts in that you may try plab 1 flashcards android app or plabable gems. Both are good. I used plab 1 flashcards. It is a personnel decision. Whatever it is don’t complicate your self by reading loads of information from different sources. All sources are good. But you have to make a decision with regard to one source and stick to it. If not you will get confused.

Many thanks indeed for your complete guidance.Your explanation is well -said for the new beginners like me .Just one more question.Did you go through the links provided in the notes below the question to dig deeper?