Dr. KC's 19th Satyagraha for what and for whom?

Dr. KC’s 19th Satyagraha for what and for whom?

Karnali’s medical education at the center of Satyagraha

Dr. KC says-‘Investing in Karnali may not get profit, but it can change the lives of the people here’
Dr. Govind KC has been sitting on the 19th Satyagraha from Monday at Babiramastha temple located in Chandannath Municipality-6 Ranichaur, Jumla. This is the second time he has been in Satyagraha in Jumla. Earlier, Satyagraha was sitting in the Karnali Health Science Institute premises on 2075th Asar.

Dr. who started 19th Satyagraha from Monday at Babiramasta Temple of Chandannath Municipality-6 Ranichaur, Chandannath Municipality of Jumla. Govind KC. Photo: LP / Kantipur
Dr. who has been demanding improvement in medical education for a long time. KC has highlights the issue of ‘Doctor’ (MBBS) studies in Karnali for the last time. He says the government has ignored Karnali for not allowing MMBBS study at the government-owned Karnali Health Sciences Institute, which was established almost a decade ago, with the key objective of medical education studies.

’ The government had said to run an MBBS program in Jumla in a deal with us two years ago, but it has still been withholded, ’ he said, ’ its main root is the intimacy of the Prime Minister’s medical mafia. He said that the government will look unwanted as the MBBS program was successful in Karnali, questioning the system of opening a medical college and doing business in Kathmandu.

Dr. KC has raised the demand for medical education and health improvement of Karnali as well as outside Kathmandu in this year’s Satyagraha. Bayalpata Hospital of Achham should be ensured sustainable operations by arranging regular necessary budget, start education by managing infrastructure and manpower at Geta Medical College and Rapti Health Science Institute of Dang, Province 2, Gandaki Province and Doti or Dadeldhura, Ilam or Panchthar and Udaipur They have demanded to start the process of opening a medical college. According to the agreement on 2075 Shrawan 10, he has also included the demand for improvement in the Medical Education Act.

Dr. Locals have expressed solidarity as the main meaning of KC’s Satyagraha is linked to Karnali’s medical education and its health.