Dr Mohamed elsaed elhelw match2020 Experience.

Dr Mohamed elsaed elhelw #match2020 experience. …
I matched! Internal medicine!

Non US IMG - Mansoura University, Egypt.

YOG 2018
Step one 208
Step two 241

CS passed first attempt

4 years in US. Much Research with publications ,Electives and observership

3 publications , many posters , one case report!

Contacted all programs to get interviews

Applied to 139 programs - Got 4 interviews

I prepared for each interview - 2 weaks at least

Showed them my publications , emails between me and my mentors regarding my hard work

Getting night calls for STEMI patients to enroll them in our study for two years … I was fighting in every interview.

I printed PDF file about Quality of each hospital I went for interview - read it three times and summarized it and told the PDs about it. One PD asked me if he could keep it with him to review it!!

I searched for PDs publications - read it very frequently and I discussed that with them without being asked!!

The feedback was great to the point that one PD told me ( you looks great person and I don’t care about your step one - every one had mistakes in his life but I’m so satisfied about you so far )

Got Congratulations email!!