Dr Salman Asif ( attempted Sep 2020)

Mrcs A study guide - Dr Salman Asif
( attempted Sep 2020)

1- Raftery basics book
2- Emrcs 1st Go

3- Pastest 1st go + revision of emrcs (simultaneously) :
Revise my Emrcs notes (or make own notes) and do relevant chapter from pastest
(plus make key points from pastest on top of emrcs notes only of stuff not in emrcs)

4- Fawzia Sheet

6 - Emrcs complete course 2nd attempt (erase all previous data before this, and read relevant emrcs notes before attempting each chapter)

5- Pastest mock ( make key points)
6 - Pastest recalls (make key points)

7- Revise all notes before exams at the end, and revise all key points. Also go through recalls ( all questions, both correct and incorrect ones)

Pastest once
Emrcs attempts atleast 2
Emrcs notes revision 3 times
Pastest recalls 1 attempt and 1 revision, plus recalls notes revision
Fawzia Sheet 1-2 times